UPI Collection API

What is UPI Collection API

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system in India offers a payment function called the UPI Collection API. It enables companies and merchants to collect payments from customers efficiently. Using a customized UPI payment link or QR code generated by a retailer, clients can make payments straight from their bank accounts. Our UPI portal provides a user-friendly interface for customers to initiate UPI payments and manage transactions effortlessly.

The UPI Collection API OR UPI portal streamlines the payment process by doing away with the requirement for cash or card transactions. It provides a simple and safe way for companies to log transactions, accept payments, and reconcile payments in real-time. The API advances a cashless economy and improves India's digital payment ecosystem.

Upi For Your Business by Rainet

The service "UPI for Your Business by Rainet" is provided by Rainet, a business that specializes in online payment options. With the help of this service, businesses can use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system in India for their payment requirements. Businesses may provide clients with a simple and safe payment experience by utilizing UPI. Rainet Technology offers seamless UPI API integration services for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes.

Businesses may use Rainet to create customized payment links or QR codes, track and reconcile transactions in real time, and integrate UPI payments. With Rainet's UPI for Your Business, businesses may use the extensive UPI network and automate their payment procedures, improving the ease and effectiveness of both customers and merchants.

UPI Collection API Features

The UPI Collection API offers a range of features for seamless payment collection. Businesses can generate payment links and dynamic QR codes, simplifying the payment process. With Rainet Technology's expertise, you can easily integrate UPI API integration into your website or app, enabling secure and convenient UPI money transfers.Real-time transaction tracking and instant notifications ensure transparency and faster order fulfillment. Payment reconciliation tools aid in accurate accounting. The API ensures secure payment processing, protecting customer information. It integrates with multiple UPI-enabled apps, giving customers flexibility. Customization options align payment links and QR codes with brand identity. Businesses can initiate refunds for failed transactions. Experience the convenience of UPI money transfer with Rainet Technology's UPI integration API, simplifying peer-to-peer and merchant transactions. With these features, the UPI Collection API streamlines payment collection enhances customer satisfaction, and promotes a cashless economy.

 Easy Integrations

The UPI Collection API OR UPI integration API offers seamless integration with various platforms and systems, making it easy for businesses to incorporate it into their existing payment infrastructure without any hassle.

  High TPS

The API is designed to handle a high volume of transactions per second, ensuring that businesses can efficiently process a large number of payments without any performance issues or delays.

  First Reconciliation

he API provides tools for businesses to reconcile their payments quickly and accurately. This feature helps in ensuring that all transactions are properly accounted for and matched with the corresponding orders or invoices.

 Single account for all service

Businesses can manage all their UPI payment services using a single account. This simplifies the administration and operation processes, allowing businesses to efficiently handle their payment activities in one centralized location. Rainet Technology specializes in UPI payment solutions, empowering businesses to accept UPI payments seamlessly.


The UPI Collection API prioritizes the security of transactions. It utilizes encryption and other robust security measures to protect sensitive customer information and minimize the risk of fraudulent activities, ensuring a safe payment environment.


The API offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of their payment activities. It includes features such as transaction tracking, payment history, and analytics, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights and effectively manage their payment operations.

 API Lifecycle Management

The API provides comprehensive lifecycle management tools, allowing businesses to easily manage and update their integration with the UPI Collection API. This ensures compatibility with the latest features and enhancements, providing a smooth and uninterrupted payment experience for businesses and customers alike.

How Can UPI Payments Help Your Business

UPI payments can help your business by providing a simple, safe, and practical means of payment, improving customer happiness, expediting transactions, and fostering a cashless society. Streamline your payment processes with Rainet Technology's UPI integration services, enabling swift and secure UPI transactions.

 Reduce Transaction Costs

UPI payments can help businesses reduce transaction costs by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure, such as point-of-sale terminals or card machines. Securely process UPI payments with Rainet Technology's UPI payment gateway, offering robust fraud prevention and encryption measures. With UPI, businesses can accept payments directly from customer's bank accounts, avoiding additional fees associated with traditional payment methods.

  Avoid Fund Settlement Delays

UPI payments offer faster fund settlement compared to traditional methods like checks or bank transfers. Businesses can receive payments directly into their accounts in real-time or with minimal delay, ensuring better cash flow management and avoiding the inconvenience of waiting for funds to clear.

 Elevate Customer Journey

UPI payments provide a seamless and convenient payment experience for customers. With UPI-enabled apps, customers can make payments easily using their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical cash or cards. Rainet Technology provides UPI integration solutions tailored for businesses, ensuring a smooth and efficient UPI payment experience for your customers. This streamlined process enhances the overall customer journey, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  Increase Payment Success Rates

UPI payments have higher success rates compared to traditional methods, as they rely on direct bank transfers. This reduces the chances of payment failures due to insufficient funds or incorrect payment details. Businesses can experience fewer payment rejections or disputes, leading to smoother transactions and improved revenue collection.

How Can You Leverage UPI APIs

By introducing UPI payment capability into your business applications or websites, you may increase convenience and enhance the payment experience for your clients by enabling them to make seamless payments directly from their bank accounts. Expand your business reach by integrating UPI payment gateway into your website or app with Rainet Technology's expert assistance.

Facilitate Instant Payments

Facilitating instant payments is a key advantage of leveraging UPI APIs. With UPI, businesses can enable customers to make payments in real time directly from their bank accounts. This eliminates the need for traditional payment methods that involve manual processing or delays in fund transfers. UPI APIs provide a seamless integration that allows businesses to offer a quick and convenient payment experience. Rainet Technology enables businesses to leverage UPI for business purposes, facilitating easy and secure transactions with customers.

Customers can initiate transactions instantly, leading to faster order processing and fulfillment. By leveraging UPI APIs, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline payment processes, and stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital economy.

Streamline Collections

Businesses can streamline their collection processes by utilizing UPI APIs integration. Simplify online payments with Rainet Technology's UPI payment gateway integration, allowing your business to accept UPI payments effortlessly. Customers would be able to make payments easily and immediately from their bank accounts if they implement UPI payment capability into their systems. This makes the collecting process simpler and requires fewer administrative tasks by doing away with the need for manual procedures or various payment channels.

Set-up Intent Flows & QR Collections

Businesses can set up meaning processes and QR code collections using UPI APIs. Businesses can create payment links or buttons that, when clicked by customers, take them to a UPI payment page that has already been pre-populated with payment information thanks to intent flows. Create dynamic QR codes for QR code collections that clients can scan with UPI-compatible apps to start payments right away. Enhance your payment infrastructure with Rainet Technology's UPI gateway, offering seamless integration and secure UPI transactions. With the help of these features, clients may make payments easily and conveniently, increasing conversion rates and simplifying the money collection procedure.

Enable UPI Autoplay & Split Payments

Businesses can implement split payments and UPI autoplay feature with UPI APIs. Businesses can pre-authorize payments using UPI autoplay, doing away with the requirement for each transaction to be manually approved. For subscription-based services or regular payments, this functionality is extremely helpful. Split payments make it easier for clients to make shared or group payments by dividing the payment amount among several UPI IDs or bank accounts. Rainet Technology's UPI integration services empower businesses to accept UPI payments from customers, enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction. Businesses may increase flexibility, meet the demands of various customers, and speed up payment processing by enabling these functionalities.

UPI Payments For Your Business - How Can Rainet Help

Why Rainet APIs for UPI Payments?
  • 1. UPI IDs with a white label to showcase your branding with clients, business partners, or suppliers.
  • 2. Establish your payment vertical in a matter of weeks, not months. And with 90% lower overhead!
  • 3. Avoid paying the high fees that payment gateways would otherwise require for each transaction.
  • 4. Make use of multi-bank architecture in the backend to ensure that any unanticipated outages, rare occurrences, or sudden increases in volume never have a negative impact on your company.
  • 5. Monitor all transaction information in a dashboard specifically for your company. Observe data on the ledger page with reconciled payments.
  • 6. Utilise social payments & conversational banking with any messaging app (like WhatsApp)
  • 7. Real-time KYC & CKYC customer onboarding, payment requests, and disbursement.
  • 8. API Documentation

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 UPI Autopay

UPI Autopay is a feature offered by UPI APIs that allows businesses to set up recurring payments or subscription-based services. Customers can authorize businesses to automatically deduct payments from their bank accounts at regular intervals. Seamlessly integrate UPI API into your existing payment infrastructure with Rainet Technology, enabling efficient UPI transactions for your business. This eliminates the need for manual payment initiation, providing convenience and ensuring timely payments. UPI Autopay streamlines the billing process for businesses and enhances the customer experience by reducing the hassle of remembering payment due dates.


UPI APIs can be integrated with GST systems, enabling businesses to seamlessly calculate and collect GST on their transactions. This integration automates the GST calculation process, ensuring accurate and compliant tax collection. Businesses can generate GST-compliant invoices and reconcile GST payments easily. Rainet Technology's UPI gateway provides a secure and reliable solution for businesses to process UPI payments and manage transactions effectively. By incorporating GST with UPI APIs, businesses can simplify their tax management, reduce manual errors, and maintain compliance with the tax regulations in India.